Lazy Weekends and Tomato-Goat Cheese Crostini

Around here, weekends are for lazingggg around.  There are tons of awesome things to do in DC, and we do like to use our weekends to explore the city a bit, but after… Continue reading

Look, Up in the Sky– It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s– SUPERKALE!! (Plus an Ice Cream Bonus)

Despite what Mitchell Pritchett might think, kale is wayyy more than a good garnish and is definitely ready to anchor a meal (on an entirely unrelated note, Modern Family comes back soon, woo!).… Continue reading

Hello and Welcome to Coconut Cake Heaven

You wouldn’t know it by the posts I’ve written on lawandlentils so far, but my first love is baking.  I only realized recently that since my very first post on pie crusts I… Continue reading

Breakfast, the Most Delicious Meal of the Day (Plus a Bonus Cocktail Recipe!)

As of last week I have lived in DC for a year– I can’t believe how quickly it’s flown by!  365 days ago on a 95-degree, humid-as-all-get-out day, BF and I (along with… Continue reading

Light Gnocchi with Summer Veggies and Hometown Reminiscing

Ok, I give.  I know I posted a decidedly wintry gnocchi recipe the other day, which was maybe less than fair given the current season.  So I decided to counter it with a light,… Continue reading

Bacon-Tomato Gnocchi

I know.  It’s August.  August is hot.  August is the time for making light salads and not turning on the oven (or even the stove, if you’re really doing things right).  But I… Continue reading

Gooey Roasted Veggie Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is the best; there’s nothing like it to make you feel like a little kid again.  I still remember asking my mom if i could have grilled cheese and tomato soup… Continue reading

RIP Fred the Pig (Also, Amazing Pork Chops)

As I’ve mentioned, I am a small town girl.  SMALL.  And one of the best things about being a small town native is summer fairs.  There’s a whole lot of personality to be… Continue reading

A Risotto Twofer

Ok, I admit it: I’m completely obsessed with risotto.  Admitting it is the first step, right?  It’s not something I’m looking to change, though.  Risotto seems classy but it’s also easy peasy and… Continue reading

Boozy Burgers and Plastered Poultry

Because it’s just BF and I in our apartment, our wine tends to skunk fast.  We each have one glass with dinner one night and then the bottle goes forgotten until its contents are… Continue reading