The Yummiest Lentil/Risotto Recipe on Earth

This weekend BF and I went out to Annapolis to visit family.  It was a gorgeous, relaxing weekend!  We always look forward to heading out there– it’s so nice to get away from… Continue reading

Patriotic Pancakes and Stars-and-Stripes Sangria

I LOVE the Fourth of July.  I suppose everybody does, but still.  It’s the best!  Let me make my case: 1) no matter what your politics may be, it’s a great day to… Continue reading

Turkey Burgerrific

Let’s gab about the gobble (I’m sorry, I know.  I can’t help myself).  Turkey is great on Thanksgiving.  Who doesn’t love a trytophan-induced coma once a year?  But ground turkey is pretty awesome… Continue reading

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (and DE!)

I grew up in a “When in Rome” type of family. When we travel we’re there to experience the culture, so you have to go outside of your comfort zone!  And that definitely… Continue reading

Champagne Taste on a Bar (Get it? It’s a law joke…) Budget

As a general rule, carbonation and I aren’t the best of friends.  Two sips into a beer and I feel like I’m full.  And soda makes me a giggly mess, as far too… Continue reading


Does anybody else remember this song??  My first Mary-Kate and Ashley VHS (I feel old) was their sleepover party video, and I STILL can’t make a pizza without singing this song! While my… Continue reading

The Pie Project

Well, I guess I’m joining the blogging universe!  This blog has been two years in the making, and I wish I could say that something other than a rainy, out-of-the-blue day off was… Continue reading