Potato, Caramelized Onion, and Blue Cheese Galette

Happy 5th of July!!  Time for fireworks, cookouts, and as many Sousa marches as you can stand (which should be a lot, for the record)!  I’m not ready for the 4th to be over… Continue reading

Polenta Slices with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Shaved Parmesan

Soooo I have a problem.  It’s June.  It’s only 80-something degrees.  And I’m already too hot.  It’s not even July yet!  This bodes poorly, guys.  Very, very poorly.  A 20-minute walk outside shouldn’t… Continue reading

Summer Non-Cooking and Cantaloupe-Brie Salad

Soooo, it’s been almost a month since my last post– oops!  Time flies, I guess.  It’s amazing how quickly summers can fill up!  And it’s also probably not a coincidence that my last… Continue reading

Strawberry-Avocado Salad

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  Man, are moms the best or what??  I don’t get to spend the day with my momma today, but I got to spend the whole last week with her… Continue reading

Tzatziki, Your Summer BFF

Guys.  I got a hair cut.  WHAT.  This is, like, earth shattering. Let me explain.  I cut my hair maybe 3 times a year, due to a delicately balanced blend of laziness and cheapness.… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Tart

It’s finals season.  Boo.  This means the fun is over for the next few weeks.  BUT.  The past month has been so chock-full of fun visitors that I can’t feel too sad about the… Continue reading

SMAFE-BLT (Sriracha Mayo Avocado Fried Egg BLT): Or, The Day I Died And Went To Heaven

Guys.  This is serious.  Really, really serious.  You can stop searching for the perfect sandwich, because I’ve found it. Last week, I was really craving a BLT for some reason.  Which is really… Continue reading

Easy, Light Pavlovas with Homemade Whipped Cream and Fresh Fruit

You know what’s great?  Birthdays.  You know what else is great?  Friends.  And combining the two is some kind of hyper-great for which a word has yet to be invented.  But in the… Continue reading

A Week’s Worth of Easy Recipes and Salad Inspiration

Hey there.  Do we know each other?  It’s been so long I’m not sure any more.  Somehow I let more than two weeks slip by since my last post– oops!  BUT now that… Continue reading

Valentine’s Chocolate Cake with Mocha Frosting

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, y’all!  I hope you had a Friday FULL of love.  I have been living for this weekend– between Valentine’s on Friday, Barrister’s Ball on Saturday (law school prom, basically),… Continue reading