Scones, Several Sweet and Savory Ways

WordPress informs me I have been writing this blog for just under 3 years.  Which is CRAZYTOWN, but that’s a conversation for a different day.  What’s important here is that in the three… Continue reading

All Things Toast

…Or, how to succeed in basic without really trying.  FYI, toast is uber trendy lately, in case your instagram feed has somehow avoided the avo onslaught so far (sorry not sorry for being part… Continue reading

Super Bowl Snack Time

…or anytime snack time.  You’re still allowed to eat this stuff if you’re not a football person.  I promise.  I should know, because while I willingly (even happily) watch/attend football games, it’s not… Continue reading

Double Bailey’s Brownie Ice Cream

Okay, I know it’s winter and that seems like an inappropriate time to share an ice cream recipe.  But a) there is NO SNOW outside my upstate NY window so I’m not totally… Continue reading

Miso Kale Soup

Happy New Year, y’all!  Are we still allowed to say that 10 days in?  Who cares, I’m doing it.  I hope you all celebrated in whatever way you wanted– for me, that meant… Continue reading

Vegan Veggie Coconut Peanut Stew

I have absolutely no idea what to call this recipe.  Which had a most definitely outsized influence on my almost-decision to skip posting it.  Naming recipes is hard, man!  In my recipe notes it’s… Continue reading

Barley Clementine Date Salad

Last week, I was lucky enough to spend my birthday at the beach with a dear, dear friend.  It was a wonderful weekend that consisted mainly of beach time, gin & tonics, &… Continue reading

Magical Breakfast Sandwiches with Homemade Everything Bagels and Quick-Pickled Red Onions

We need to talk.  This is an important, long overdue conversation. Sometimes, on Halloween, people consume…adult beverages.  And sometimes, they consume those beverages without drinking enough water, or spacing them far enough apart,… Continue reading

Aunt Char’s Homemade Applesauce

In case you haven’t checked out the Instagram accounts of your most basic friends lately (heyyyy), it’s fall.  Which means it’s apple picking season.  Which means it’s time to figure out how to… Continue reading

Roasted Beets with Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese & Sprouts

For the first time in a long time, I have time, and I’m not sure I like it.  Well, sort of.  This fall is the first time since I was four that dropping… Continue reading