Scones, Several Sweet and Savory Ways

WordPress informs me I have been writing this blog for just under 3 years.  Which is CRAZYTOWN, but that’s a conversation for a different day.  What’s important here is that in the three years lawandlentils has been a thing, I have somehow managed to not once never ever mention how much I love Ina Garten.  She is an utter QUEEN, ultimate #goals, my everything.  “What Would Ina Do?” is the motto by which I live my life.


This was honestly maybe the best day of my life.

I like to think that Ina would be pleased with my recent foray into perpetual scone-making.  I am trying to use only the “best ingredients” and to mutter “how easy is that?” to myself frequently as I bake.  I’m still working on the living in the Hamptons and only having to see my husband when I feel like it part of Ina’s dream life, but hey– baby steps.


Alternatively, I’d also be very content to emulate THIS lady.

King Arthur‘s scone base is simple as can be, and perfect for adapting to whatever add-ins your little heart desires.  I like to use half whole wheat flour rather than entirely white flour, to pretend these are health food.  Ha.


Add-ins like brie, blackberries, and pistachios.

Let’s be real, scones just feel fancy af.  Especially if in your head you call them “scons” in your best British accent, and enjoy them with a spot of tea.  But you do you.


If blackberries aren’t your jam (ba dum tss <– rim shot noises are hard to type), how about roasted cherries, toasted almonds, and toasted coconut?

The key to a good scone is a barely-mixed, shaggy dough.  Resist the urge to incorporate every tiny bit of butter, or to stir until the dough is smooth.  You want it to be kind of messy, to look barely incorporated.


That crispy business on the edges is what we call frico, friends, and it’s the kind of magic you can only get when you’ve got cheese oozing out of your scones.

But the BEST thing about scones, in my opinion, is that you can mix ’em up quicker than anything (how easy is that?), slice them, pop them in the freezer, and then bake as few or as many as you need anytime.  There is nothing like a fresh-baked scone to make your weekday morning feel indulgent as all get-out.  It’s a lot easier to get yourself to head to the office after one of these guys, let me tell you.


Good morning, friend.

So here’s what you do: Wake up fresh as a daisy (ha. ha.), set your oven to 425, pop in a single scone (don’t wait till the oven’s done preheating), and set your timer for 23 minutes.  Do your thing.  Eat a piping hot scone.  Feel considerably better prepared to face the day.  Go to work and kick ass.

I forgot to photograph the caramelized onion, blue cheese, and walnut scones I made a few weeks ago, but I promise it’s a winning combo.  Last night’s batch was lemon, raspberry, and mint, but I’m not sure I’m totally sold on that one, so proceed at your own risk.  But actually, no matter what mix-ins you use, how wrong can you really go?  And if it’s already hot where you live and you don’t want to bake, come on over to my house.  It’s still rainy and miserable in DC, I have more scones in my freezer right now than I can count, and I am an EXCELLENT sharer.  So I’ll see you Monday morning.  Happy scone-ing, chaps!