Greek Yogurt with Dates and Pistachios

Let’s talk about dates.  Of the fruit variety.  I feel like they get a bad rap!  One step above ~~prunes~~ kind of bad rap.  But they’re SO delicious, and they have a lot going for them.  They have no cholesterol and are very low in fat.  Plus, they’re a great alternative sweetener.  That’s not to say that they’re low in sugar, but they’re definitely a better way to sweeten things up than other sugars.  Which brings me to my breakfast today.

Breakfast BFFLs.

Breakfast BFFLs.

Dates and pistachios are totally MFEO (made for each other).  You can blame the tween-y acronym on watching Sleepless in Seattle while boxing up dishes yesterday– turns out Netflix is a REAL blessing when you’re packing for a move.  Well, that and Spotify.  Makes the time go a lot faster as your hands turn black from all the newsprint you’re wrapping things in!  Aaaanyway, dates and pistachios.  So good together.  You can blend ’em up in a food processor to make quick little energy bites, and you’ll be a happy camper.  OR you can chop them both up and put them on greek yogurt with a sprinkle of chia seeds to have a healthy, energizing, filling breakfast.

Date Pistachio Greek Yogurt

Seriously, this breakfast will have you set for life (or at least all morning).  I put a little honey in mine out of habit– my typical breakfast is non-fat greek yogurt with honey, chia seeds, and either nuts or fruit.  But in this case, because the dates are sweet enough on their own, the honey was definitely not needed, and I won’t use it next time (aka tomorrow).  As a well-document breakfast aficionado (see herehereherehere…), my seal of approval carries more weight than Good Housekeeping’s.  At least in my own head.  So when I say this breakfast is AMAZING, trust that I do so with a great deal of sincerity and gravitas.  And hunger. 😉

With my move coming up faster than I can BELIEVE, there is lots to get done while also trying to cross things off my DC bucket list before I leave town for good.  Staying home and packing all day certainly leaves time for my mind to wander, which is probably not so great for my packing pace, but HAS led to some exciting kitchen experimenting.  I guess my lack of packing focus has a (delicious) silver lining!  Can’t wait to share more of these “experiments” with you now that I’m back on the blog!