Green Goddess Feta Chicken Brown Rice Bowl

Ok, I know this recipe name is a mouthful.  Somehow, naming recipes is the hardest part about coming up with new dishes– what sense does that make?  Writing titles is totally the best part of writing a paper (I’m a big fan of TERRIBLE puns and colons, because if you’re not making fun of title tropes in your title, you’re not doing it right), but the same cannot be said in the food world.  So if you’ve got a better name for this, by all means, send it my way!

Hey lady.

Hey lady.

So…long time no blog.  Sorry.  But also it’s finals, so I don’t feel SUPER guilty.  I left my apartment building today for the first time since Saturday, and it was for an exam.  BUT ALSO it was my last exam ever so hey there’s that.  And last week I got to leave my apartment MORE THAN ONCE, and I got to see the Cherry Blossoms.  So life isn’t all shut-in and stir-crazed.

So purdy, every year!

So purdy, every year!

Generally speaking, finals cooking can go one of two very disparate ways for me– either I cook up a storm of crazy stuff because I will take ANY excuse to get away from my studies, or it gets very bare-boned and a little sad, since I don’t have time to think up anything interesting.  This semester it’s mostly been the former, which is dangerous, but has also lead to lots of angel food cake practicing, so….can’t say I regret anything.  This dish was borne of leftover Green Goddess Dressing and thawed chicken that needed to be turned into SOMEthing.  It feels sort of like a burrito bowl from Chipotle, I guess?  I don’t know.  I’ve only been there once and it was years ago ( I know, I know).  Maybe I can talk Hillary into taking me with her next time she stops by.  You know, after I’ve met her, become her best friend, and convinced her that treating me to lunch would be a good idea.  Totally doable.

Like, look at that rice.  LOOK AT IT.

Like, look at that rice. LOOK AT IT.

Green Goddess Feta Chicken Brown Rice Bowl

  • 2 boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts, cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 4 servings Brown Rice, cooked (you can make less if you’re normal and not a bottomless pit *coughBFcough*)
  • 1 Bell Pepper, chopped
  • Any other chopped veggies you wish to include (tomatoes, onions, etc)
  • Green Goddess Dressing, recipe below
  • Feta, crumbled

Cook the chicken breasts in a skillet (use this time to make the rice too, if you haven’t already).  Meanwhile, make the Green Goddess dressing.  Stir dressing into rice, along with any chopped vegetables you’re including.  Dish up the rice, then top with chopped chicken and crumbled feta.  I’m not really a hot avocado person, so I like to make the rice a bit in advance, so that it won’t heat up the Green Goddess dressing in a weird way.  But it will be totally fine if it’s warm too!

Green Goddess Dressing

There are about a million slightly different green goddess recipes out there– the only really important thing to make sure you’ve done is including something to give it creaminess (mayo/sour cream/greek yogurt), some avocado, and some cilantro.  I would argue the rest of the “greens” are pretty tweakable to your preferences and/or what you’ve got in your kitchen (for example, I didn’t have any jalapeño in my kitchen this time around, but I would totally include it next time).  My green goddess dressing included:

  • A dollop of Greek Yogurt
  • Goat Cheese (just a little, mostly because I had some in the fridge and wanted to get rid of it.  But the creaminess and tanginess of goat cheese works well here)
  • An Avocado
  • Two Garlic Cloves
  • A big handful of Cilantro
  • A handful of Basil
  • Juice of 1.5 Limes

Blend everything in a food processor; add water as needed to get desired consistency.  Here, you don’t need the dressing to really be “dressing”-esque, since it’s being mixed into the rice rather than drizzled on a salad.

Tons of chicken on BF's plate.  Not pictured: the additional chicken someone may or may not have pawned off on him.  Sometimes living with a human garbage disposal has its perks!

Tons of chicken on BF’s plate. Not pictured: the additional chicken someone may or may not have pawned off on him. Sometimes living with a human garbage disposal has its perks!

This recipe is very adaptable, which is just lovely if you’re like me and don’t really “plan” meals in advance.  I always admire those people who go to the grocery store with a meal plan for the whole week– how do they DO that??  To me it feels like an accomplishment just to HAVE a list.  Maybe that’s a product of being a millennial and not remotely having my life together… ANYwho, I almost never cook protein, so this dish felt like a departure from my comfort zone, and I’m glad I did it.  Chicken can be good!  Although I would totally eat that rice by itself too.  And did.  Maybe a lot.  Listen, you gotta taste test stuff!  Copiously.  I think the more I’m writing legalese in my finals papers, the shorter my sentences are getting here.  So.  Ok.  TTFN (ta ta for now)!  I just quoted Tigger.  Finals brain melt level: code red.