Healthy Breakfast Banana Bites and Not-So-Healthy Tater Tot Waffles

Happy New Year!!!  2015 is already well under way (does four days count as well under way?), so you’re all probably working hard to stick to your resolutions.  Do you listen to the angel on your shoulder or the devil?

This tater tot waffle kiiiind of makes a compelling case for listening to the devil...

This tater tot waffle kiiiind of makes a compelling case for listening to the devil…

I believe in balance, in all things.  In work-life balance (of course, if you ask my parents, I lean a little too far to the “life” side of that equation), in eating, in book selection…etc.  That’s not to say I always succeed (books, for example, lean WAY too far towards classic novels.  And non-fiction is a non-entity in my library), but that’s the aim.  So go ahead and eat a tater tots waffle once in a while.  Just make sure you follow it up with a trip to the gym and a salad, or something.

Tater Tot Waffle

  • 1 32-oz. bag frozen Tater Tots

Heat your waffle maker, and when it’s ready, coat with some kind of oil (lots of people use spray stuff, but that freaks me out, so I just brush on a little canola oil).  Place a layer of tater tots very close together– they don’t need to overlap, but they need to be able to fuse together, so keep ’em cozy.  Put down as many as you think you want to eat; even BF could barely eat an entirely waffle’s worth, so take heed– it’s a LOT of food!  As the tots cook, push the waffle iron lid down further and further to squish them together.  My waffle maker took about 6-8 minutes for each tot waffle.  I topped mine with eggs and Sriracha ketchup, but you do you.  It’s tater tots.  You really can’t go wrong.

You won't need/want to eat for days.  Which is basically everyone's goal for the New Year anyway, right?

You won’t need/want to eat for days. Which is basically everyone’s goal for the New Year anyway, right?

We had tot waffles (am i the only person who seriously loves the phrase ‘tot waffles”? I feel like there’s room for a super annoying abbreviation there– toffles, maybe?) for breakfast on New Year’s Day, and while neither BF nor I happened to be hung over, I still feel like I can promise that this is top-notch hangover food.  But since balance requires the occasional non-tot meal, the below recipe is a pretty delicious alternate breakfast that won’t be quite so mean to your arteries.  Which is, like, good or something.  I guess.

Bananas and Flax SeedI’m a big fan of this breakfast, as it hits a lot of important marks and manages to still be delicious.  You could really easily do this on top of greek yogurt or whole grain toast, if you were so inclined– eating it with greek yogurt would make it especially filling for a day when you know it’ll be awhile til your next meal.

Breakfast Banana Bites

  • Banana
  • Peanut Butter
  • Flax Seed
  • Honey

To put together this quick breakfast, smear a smidgen of peanut butter onto banana slices, then drizzle with honey and a sprinkle of flax seeds.  If you’re eating it on toast, spread peanut butter on the bread, then top with bananas, honey, and flax.

Bananas and Flax Seed

Peanut butter, while not really healthy in large doses, has filling protein that can help sustain you, and since it’s only a little smear here, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it.  Bananas are of course a great source of potassium, and flax seed is basically a wonder plant that has all sorts of healthy benefits.  The honey is just for fun.  Because balance, right?

I’m not really a big resolutions person, I guess.  I always have things about myself I strive to improve, so the new year doesn’t really feel any different in that regard.  But I get why people feel extra motivated with a new beginning.  Instead of some extreme “diet” that’s simply not sustainable, however, I genuinely think we’d all be better off simply trying to strike a healthy balance in the way we eat.  Toffles (I’m making this happen if it’s the last thing I do!) are great now and then, and not something to feel guilty about.  Who wants to spend time feeling bad about themselves just because they ate something unhealthy at a single meal?  I say as long as you balance your indulgences with healthier eating, you shouldn’t worry about it.  Judging yourself by what you ate at breakfast this morning isn’t a good way to get a picture of your health.  Every body is different, and what works for someone else (myself included) doesn’t necessarily work for you.  For me, life without toffles now and again would be sad.  So I eat them, and I feel damn good about it.  Because hello.  Tater. Tot. Waffles.